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Sick and tired of being stressed out?

Watch this 2.5-minute video of this ancient technique that will melt stress away like a snowball on a hot sunny day.​

A man in meditation pose with the logo and text for "integrated ascension method" alongside "master teacher Nate Zelznick" against a mountainous backdrop featuring a white dove.
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It's your time, if you're ready...

This is NOT a transformational system. Yes, transformations DO take place for anyone who starts down this road, but this is a system of ultimate LIBERATION! There IS a difference.

You're only one breath away!

Woman Transforming
Gaia all new series Inner Evolution: White Dove Method.

“Every cell in your body has about 1.4 Volts. 50 trillion cells times 1.4 Volts is 70 TRILLION volts of electricity in your body RIGHT NOW!”

– Dr. Bruce Lipton, Father of Epigenetics

How are YOU tapping into YOUR 70 Trillion Volts?!

Change YOUR life in 10 minutes!

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Are You Ready to Energize Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Elevate Your Spirit - In Minutes?

Most “gurus” tell you to simply believe. But real Transformation comes from direct experience. And that’s what the Integrated Ascension Method delivers. Join the thousands who have tapped into the bio-electric powerhouse within to unleash superhuman energy, laser focus, and profound inner peace.

It takes just minutes a day. And the results will blow your mind. Secure your spot in our FREE I AM Energy Class now, and experience the power for yourself.

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Bird Fly Background

Not just "ANOTHER" breathwork class. This is the personal revoluton you've been waiting for that will upgrade EVERY part of your life!

A blue circuit board with a lightning bolt on it, showcasing the white dove method.

Supercharge your

Unleash the powerhouse of bioelectric energy (Chi) within each cell to ignite your life with unstoppable power, every single day. And guess what? You'll achieve this state of electrifying vitality faster than you ever thought possible.
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Experience a monumental boost in immune function—around 90% of our students report a significant reduction or complete elimination of asthma, allergies, long COVID symptoms, colds, flu, and more.
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Maximize your

Unlock instant increases in stamina and endurance, on-demand, whether you're running a marathon or spicing things up in the bedroom. It's time to elevate your existence to levels of Fun and exhilaration you've only dreamed of!
A blue brain connected to two lines with the white dove method.

Sync your Heart, Brain, Gut, Chakras, and Meridians

Unique meditations that move you into a deep state of heart/brain coherence quickly. Improve your: Sleep, mental clarity, energy levels, stress management, tranquility, and LIFESPAN!
A blue logo with a heart in the center, inspired by the white dove method.

More Love,
Less Stress

Minimize stress and amplify love and joy. Enjoy restful sleep, smoother digestion, robust immunity, lower blood pressure, and less tension—a condensed path to blissful well-being.
A tranquil logo featuring a blue buddha in a lotus position, symbolizing inner peace and serenity.

Heal Yourself

Accelerate healing beyond the ordinary with the I AM, harmonizing your body's Chakra and Meridian systems for unparalleled energetic strength, alignment, and insight.


Try the I AM Energy Class for FREE.

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"I attended the free masterclass last week because I was hoping to heal lower back pain and hip pain, on the right side. Both exercises from the masterclass have helped me feel better overall. I also did the shielding exercise and felt more confident.
Now the hip pain is almost gone!"
Liana Filimon
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Just a few of the awesome things you can look forward to are:

Woman Superhero

Are you ready to feel like a superhero?!

Having strength, endurance, and POWER not only makes us feel like we can take on the world, but it’s also incredibly beneficial for our health, not to mention sexy.

The Integrated Ascension Method enhances endurance and stamina, increases lung capacity, and releases those feel-good endorphins that give us an energy boost! It’s a complete approach to wellness that will leave you feeling strong, energized, and ready to take on the world.

A couple using the white dove method while praying in front of a fireplace.

How much joy and bliss can you handle?

Passion and love for life is the secret ingredient to a fulfilling and joyful existence. When we combine that passion and love for life with the Integrated Ascension Method (I AM), magic happens. Connect to yourself on a deeper level, tapping into your innermost desires and dreams. With the Integrated Ascension Method, we can also connect with our partners on a level we’ve never experienced before, deepening our relationships and creating more meaningful connections. Embrace your passion and love for life and see where it takes you!

A man serenely meditating on the beach, harnessing the power of the white dove method.

True inner peace is not found by changing the external world, but by changing our internal response to it.”

– Anaez

Finding inner peace is the key to living a happier life and enjoying the time we have on the planet. The Integrated Ascension Method (I AM) helps us cultivate a sense of calm and contentment, allowing us to navigate life’s challenges with grace and ease. It frees us from negative emotions like anxiety and stress and empowers us to live in the present moment. 

A woman calmly meditating in a lotus pose in front of a tranquil fountain.

In the depths of our souls, we discover the eternal thread that connects us to the Divine

Tapping into our spiritual essence is the ultimate gateway to a life brimming with purpose and fulfillment. The Integrated Ascension Method (I AM) techniques show us how to reliably tune in, tap in, and turn on our spiritual “antennae”.

Are you ready to finally connect?

A man practicing the white dove method while meditating in the forest.

YOU ARE ENERGY. The more the better!

Inner Power, Chi, Bioenergy, or whatever you call it, NOTHING is more important than your Lifeforce! Embrace your potential for boundless vitality and well-being. Step forward and nurture, harness, and radiate your very own Lifeforce. Welcome home!

Choose Path
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Bird Fly Background

The I AM Energy

Breathing for health, pain-free mobility, pain removal using breath, energy sensation and projection, refresh your energy in 2 minutes or less, and MUCH more!
Click Here↓

I am energy masterclass.

The LEAP Program
(Lifeforce Energy Ascension Protocol)

The most POWERFUL breathwork for any athlete!  Used by every branch of the Indonesian Military for 40+ years, EVERY athlete needs this one!
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Leap life force energy protection make your transition.

The FREE I AM Energy

Come experience a taste of the Integrated Ascension Method with this wonderful mental and energetic shielding class.
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I am employing the white dove method for energy shielding.


A smiling man in a plaid shirt showcasing the white dove method.

Nate Zeleznick is the Founder of the Integrated Ascension Method (I AM) and White Dove Method, and Co-founder of Merpati Putih USA (MP USA), Inc. and Vibravision®.

Nate Zeleznick is a true pioneer, distinguished as one of only two American master trainers of an ancient royal Indonesian energy and martial arts system.  He masterfully integrates this unique next-level practice with modern scientific methodologies and technologies through his creation of the Integrated Ascension Method (I AM) and the White Dove Method. 

His groundbreaking work, rooted in over 20 years of teaching globally, is renowned for enabling unparalleled personal development and superhuman breakthroughs, promoting physical, mental, and spiritual growth via revolutionary breathwork, meditation, energy management, and holistic therapies.  His businesses have been featured in documentaries on Netflix, GAIA, and Amazon Prime, and the results of his method have been validated by experts in the fields of Medicine, Naturopathy, Optometry, Physics, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and Consciousness Research

With the Integrated Ascension Method, Nate offers a beacon of hope and a roadmap to a future where every individual can thrive, harness their abilities, and contribute positively to the global community. Join us on this transformative journey and discover the superhuman within you, guided by one of the most visionary leaders in the realm of human potential and wellness today.

Supercharge your energy!

Super Charge Energy Graphic

How to Powerup Like a Marvel Superhero
(Without the Tights)

The Integrated Ascension Method is also a powerful holistic wellness tool, that over the years hundreds of our students have reported:

Improved respiratory function

(ex. good for asthma, allergies, and Long-COVID symptoms)

Raising Nitric Oxide (NO) production

(Lower BP, speed healing, improved performance, sexual improvement [M & F])

What are you waiting for?You're only one breath away...

Create the life changes you want with our Free I AM Energy class!

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Bird Fly Background

Powerful ResultS How The
Integrated Ascension / White Dove Method Transforms Lives

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So I have a lot of training. I have over 15,000 hours of professional training in many different disciplines of holistic health, and energy work. 

So, when I say that working with Mas Nate is the most exceptional and effective training I’ve ever had, I’m coming from a place of understanding. My energy is higher than I’ve ever had, and I also feel more grounded and content with myself than ever before..

Heidi Bradley

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The White Dove Method is incredible in how it raises your spirit and helps you develop a greater use of your INNER POWER!

This is designed to help you achieve exceptional performance in both business and personal health!

AND I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Preston Campbell

Founder, Optimized Human

Awaits You

Discover a legacy of strength, spirit, and empowerment.

Straight out of a MOVIE!

Dive into the transformative journey of the Integrated Ascension Method (IAM), a groundbreaking approach that seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with modern innovation. This isn’t just another self-help book; it’s a roadmap to your best self. Discover the secrets of Merpati Putih, a once-hidden martial art that has empowered warriors for centuries, and learn how to harness its power for physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Whether you’re battling personal challenges, seeking spiritual enlightenment, or simply aiming for peak performance in every aspect of life, this book will help you start that journey is a whole new way.

But the journey doesn’t end there. The Integrated Ascension Method is more than just techniques and practices; it’s a movement, a revolution. It’s about connecting with the energy that binds us all, forging deeper bonds with those around us, and achieving a state of heart/brain coherence that brings unparalleled peace and clarity. Imagine a life where challenges are mere stepping stones, where every day is lived with purpose and passion. That life is within your grasp. So, why wait? Download the free eBook now and embark on a journey that will transform not just your life, but the very essence of who you are.

Awakening transformation book cover featuring the White Dove method.
Awakening transformation book cover featuring the White Dove Method.

My Interviews and Features


No! In as little as 10 to 20 minutes per day you can start reaping the benefits that the Integrated Ascension Method (I AM) offers. Of course, if you are devoted to a longer practice and would LIKE to spend more time each day improving yourself with the Integrated Ascension Method techniques, that’s wonderful! You can practice and play for as long as you have time and space to devote to yourself. It isn’t necessary to spend forever and a day every day though as is the case with most other breathwork and energy modalities out there. One of the claims to fame of the White Dove Method is that it helps you build your Inner Power faster than any other method known. This is especially beneficial for those who live in the real world with mortgages, car payment, Netflix, work, kids, and all the other things in the fast-paced society we’re all a part of. Daily, most Integrated Ascension Method students dedicate 15 minutes so they can full enjoy the rest of their hours.

1. Inner Power you can FEEL and USE:  By using the Integrated Ascension Method’s proprietary breathwork, movements, and meditations coupled with laser focus, even energy workers with decades of prior experience agree that this is the NEXT LEVEL of energy development and consciousness work.  Based on a reproducible method that works for those who have a body, NOT just those born with a set of cultural beliefs or a special “talent”, the Integrated Ascension Method WORKS.  Plain and simple.  It works for those that are ready to put in the work.  It is like a bank that gives you a 1000% return on your money.  What you put in will determine what you get back.  Put in a little, get a lot. Put in a LOT, and get back a Metric TON!

2. Reduces stress and anxiety:  Integrated Ascension Method breathwork techniques such as deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, and breath retention practices have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety by triggering the relaxation response in the body.

3. Improves focus and concentration: Integrated Ascension Method breathwork can help improve focus and concentration by increasing oxygen flow to the brain, which helps to enhance cognitive function and mental clarity.

4. Boosts immune system: Certain breathwork techniques have been shown to strengthen the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells and reducing inflammation.

5. Improves respiratory function:  Practice of Integrated Ascension Method breathwork can improve respiratory function by increasing lung capacity and strengthening the diaphragm. This alone has been shown to lead to a longer life!!! Learn more here!

6. Enhances physical performance:  Integrated Ascension Method / White Dove breathwork can enhance physical performance by increasing oxygen delivery to the muscles, reducing fatigue and soreness, improving endurance, and leading to increased sexual performance for both men AND women. 😉  In fact, the White Dove Method (Merpati Putih) has been used by every branch of the Indonesian Military for over four (4) decades because of its ability to hep military members in the areas of stamina, strength, endurance, vitality, and focus.

7. Increases self-awareness: Integrated Ascension Method / White Dove breathwork and meditation practices can help to increase self-awareness and mindfulness by encouraging individuals to focus on the present moment and become more in tune with their physical and emotional sensations as well as the energies around them.

8. Supports emotional healing: Integrated Ascension Method / White Dove breathwork can be used as a tool to support emotional healing by helping individuals to release emotional blockages and process unresolved emotions.
Overall, the benefits of Integrated Ascension Method / White Dove breathwork are numerous and varied, and regular practice of these techniques can help to improve overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

1. Improved Nitric Oxide production: Nitric oxide (NO) is a potent vasodilator that helps regulate blood pressure, improve blood flow, and enhance athletic performance. Certain breathing techniques, such as slow, deep breathing and breath holds, have been shown to increase NO production in the body, which can improve cardiovascular health and physical performance. Learn more here.

2. Acid-base shift: Breathing affects the pH balance in the body, and certain breathing techniques such as the White Dove Method can shift the body’s acid-base balance toward a more alkaline state. This can have a positive effect on overall health and well-being, as a more alkaline environment is associated with improved immunity, reduced inflammation, and enhanced cellular function.

3. Faster Healing: White Dove breathwork has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, which can have a positive effect on the body’s ability to heal itself. By reducing stress hormones and promoting relaxation, the method can help improve immune function, reduce inflammation, and enhance the body’s natural healing processes. Many doctors have remarked at how quickly White Dove members recover from surgeries and injuries.

4. Improved Endurance: White Dove breathwork can improve endurance by increasing oxygen delivery to the muscles and reducing the buildup of lactic acid. Certain breathing techniques, such as hyperventilation, have been shown to improve athletic performance and endurance by enhancing oxygen uptake and utilization. Other breathing techniques (such as those taught exclusively in the White Dove method) based on hypoventilation, increase the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood while retaining a high Oxygen level, resulting in more efficient utilization of oxygen by every cell in the body.

5. Blood pressure and Heartrate: High blood pressure is a risk factor for several cardiovascular diseases, and White Dove breathwork has been shown to regulate blood pressure, lower one’s heartrate, by promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and modulating the CO2 level in the blood in a way that NO other method does.

6. Overall health: White Dove breathwork can have a positive effect on overall health by reducing stress, improving cardiovascular function, enhancing immune function, and promoting relaxation. By incorporating White Dove breathwork into a daily wellness routine, individuals can improve their physical and mental well-being, enhance their overall quality of life., increase their lung capacity to live longer, and have boundless energy on demand in minutes. Results usually come FAST for those willing to commit a few minutes a day to their healthspan and mindspace.

“Inner Power” also known as Chi (China), Qi (China), Prana (India), Orgone (Europe), Ka (Egypt), Elan Vital (Greek), Tenaga Dalam (Indonesia), Lifeforce and many other names, is a concept found in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine as well as ancient cultures all over the world. Many of these traditions believe that to maintain physical and emotional health, Inner Power must flow freely. When Inner Power is blocked or not balanced, the result is physical or emotional disease. Inner Power is manipulated by a variety of means, including acupuncture, herbal remedies, dietary changes and physical practices such as martial arts, tai chi, meditation, and breathwork. On a spiritual level, Inner Power makes it easier to reach higher states of consciousness.

Some believe there are many different types of Inner Power. For example, in China, the Inner Power that you are born with is called yuan chi, or ancestral chi. That which is absorbed from the environment is “hou tain chi” in Chinese, and “Tenaga Dalam” (Inner Power) in Indonesia. There’s even heaven and earth chi. In Taoism and Chinese philosophy, chi takes the form of yin and yang, or the feminine and masculine primordial energies.
Here are some potential benefits of building Inner Power:

1. Increased energy levels: Practicing exercises to build Inner Power may help boost your energy levels, reduce fatigue and increase your vitality.
There is NO faster way known to build your Inner Power than the White Dove / Merpati Putih system. We have traind masters of many different disciplines who have agreed that the White Dove Method is absolutely next-level in building, harnessing, storing, and using their Inner Power all day, every day!
Don’t take our word for it.  Check out our testimonials.

2. Improved mental focus: Regular practice of White Dove energy exercises help improve your mental focus, concentration and clarity of mind. Many students, executives, and business people use the White Dove Method techniques before important exams, meeting, and business deals because of the clarity, brainpower, creativity, and focus they receive almost instantly.

3. Reduced stress and anxiety: Building Inner Power can help you reduce stress and anxiety levels by teaching you how to quickly and effectively relax every part of your body and mind so that the worries an concerns you face that keep you on edge become far less important, leaving you in a state of inner peace and grace. The White Dove Method promotes relaxation and a sense of calmness through the use of a truly complete breathwork and movement system unlike any other known. 

4. Better sleep: Practicing Inner Power energy exercises before bedtime may help you relax and sleep better, leading to a more restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.
5. Enhanced physical performance: Building Inner power energy using the White Dove Method helps increase your strength, flexibility, endurance and balance, leading to improved physical performance. This includes desire, pleasure, and endurance in the bedroom!  😉

6. Boosted immune system: Regular practice of White Dove energy exercises may help stimulate your immune system and increase your body’s ability to fight off infections and diseases. It is well known that your mental state can directly affect your immune system and ability to fight disease.  According to research, being in a negative space emotionally depresses our immune system for 4 to 6 hours, whereas focusing on love and gratitude can improve our immune system for up to 24 HOURS! 

7. Improved emotional well-being: Practicing the White Dove Method exercises daily can help you develop a positive and more optimistic attitude, leading to improved emotional well-being and a greater sense of happiness and contentment. Many report being able to be more “present” with others than ever before.  The White Dove Shielding practice alone is a godsend for Empaths who want to stop being a dumping ground for other’s negative emotions.

8. Increased spiritual awareness: The White Dove meditations and energy exercises are specifically aimed at helping you develop a deeper sense of spiritual awareness and connection with the universe as well as your Higher Self. Learn to go beyond the body while remaining embodied and grounded.  It IS possible to go “there” while staying “here”.  Many people struggle to bring mystical or spiritual experiences into their daily life.  With the White Dove Method, YOU CAN!

9. Improved overall health: Building Inner Power can help improve your overall health and well-being, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.  More More strength, improved mobility, fast pain-relief, improved creativity and brain function, faster healing and recovery, immune boost, deeper relationships and presencing of others, increased reliable intuition…and SO MUCH MORE! The White Dove Method helps you become your best self because you KNOW you have it inside of you but just don’t know how to access it reliably.  Let us give you the keys to unlock your Inner Power.

You’re in luck!  If you have a body and you are currently breathing, you will be able to feel the benefits quickly. The benefits compound day after day, week after week, and year after year.  If you don’t have a body then we can’t help you. 😊 If that’s the case, how are you even reading this? 

No one starts out being able to run a marathon, right?  Yet in 2019 over 6 MILLION people worldwide completed at least one marathon, and every single one of them started out as a baby falling hundreds of times before taking their first steps.  With the White Dove Method we will take you through the baby steps of this unique method and soon you’ll be running and loving the practice every day!

That said, this method is only for Change-Makers, NOT Change-Talkers.  It only works if YOU do, but if you’re able and ready to devote 10-20 minutes a day to your physical, mental, emotional, immune, and energetic health then the White Dove Method is a ticket to a new you!

No.  The White Dove Method in America is devoted to Inner Power and Personal mastery for every person regardless of interest in martial arts training, and/or previous energy work background.  Whether you’re a Reiki Master, have experienced energy work/shamanism firsthand, are a veteran meditator, a yogi, or have had a mystical experience, the White Dove Method is a force multiplier for anything else you’ve done and won’t conflict with your religious or spiritual beliefs.  The courses and events we offer do NOT include kicking and punching, unless you consider kicking your limiting beliefs to the curb and breaking through the limitations that society, your family, your friends and coworkers, and YOU have put on yourself.  So, in that sense, YES, you will be kicking and breaking things, just not like we did in the full Merpati Putih martial arts system. 😉

That’s a good question. The White Dove Method is NOT for everyone. Nothing in the world is truly “for everyone”.

There are some people who would be better off seeking other solutions.

To determine if the White Dove Method is right for YOU, take a look below and a look at yourself, to find out.

The White Dove Method is for people who:

 Have tried other breathwork, meditation, and energy modalities and want to find a unifying one that can tie everything together.

 May be seminar and retreat goers, always looking for a new fast-track method to help them achieve their spiritual and mental goals.

​- Are willing to put in the work, even if only a few minutes each day, to get results.

​- Understand that progress takes time and who do not give up as soon as the next cat video comes along.

 Desire on a deep level to push their limits and discover new abilities that have been hiding inside them.

– Like biohacking and want to fast-track their physical, energetic, and mental results.

 Like a challenge where they can rise to an occasion and outdo their personal bests.

 Feel like maybe they’ve tried everything else and are interested in something truly special and unique with a long history of excellent results (centuries)

This is NOT for people who:

 Are “change-talkers”, not “change-makers”

 Like to “sample” everything and then do nothing, or take a little of this and a little of that and combine them without ever giving anything a real chance to shine.

 Are allergic to work and effort in accomplishing goals. The White Dove Method is like a bank that gives 1000% return on investment. Unless someone invests, they will get nothing. Please save your money if 15 minutes is too much time to invest in your health, longevity, and self-improvement.

 Those who have a mental health condition such as Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Schizophrenia, Dissociative identity disorder (DID), etc. It has been long-known that these conditions can and usually ARE worsened with hard-style energy building work. No offense to anyone with one of these conditions. Your safety is most important.

Not ALL mental conditions are contraindicated, however. Many people with conditions that fall into the following categories of mental health conditions have seen massive benefits from the White Dove Method: Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Depression, Eating Disorders, and Addictions.

If in doubt, shoot us an email.

– Are thieves. Our programs work, have taken decades of sacrifice to bring to the world, and they are non-refundable. Those who love to enroll in courses, learn everything, then charge back need not apply. Please don’t be one of “those people”, and if you are, please move along.

– Would use the White Dove Method techniques and any abilities they develop to harm, defraud, intimidate, or otherwise do bad stuff to other people. 

Unleash the full potential of your inner power and cultivate a sanctuary of peace within you. Unlock the secret to 'Real' Inner Power with our FREE Integrated Ascension Method class. Learn to shield yourself from negativity, tap into your true strength, and find peace through our unique breathwork exercise.

🔓 Step into your power:

Unlock the secrets to a groundbreaking transformation with our Free eBook on the Integrated Ascension Method. Dive into a journey that blends ancient wisdom with cutting-edge techniques for a life of unparalleled vitality and spiritual awakening. Nowhere else in the world will you find this information! Are you ready to experience the extraordinary? Get your free download now and embark on the path to your best self—your adventure toward ultimate health, vitality, and inner power starts here.


Unleash the full potential of your inner power and cultivate a sanctuary of peace within you. Unlock the secret to 'Real' Inner Power with our FREE Integrated Ascension Method class. Learn to shield yourself from negativity, tap into your true strength, and find peace through our unique breathwork exercise.

🔓 Step into your power: